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    Inverted driller Manufacturer

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    About Us
     Changzhou Liding colliery Machinery Co., Ltd. is a limited company set up through restructuring of he former Sunan Colliery Machine Factory of Jiangsu Province. Relying on the original technical and equipment advantages of Sunan Colliery Machine Factory of Jiangsu Province, We have strengthened the cooperation with the scientific research institutions, and mainly produce raise boring machine (raise drill) and accessories, hobbing cutter and hydraulic support cylinders used for vertical shaft drill, and SMC unit (gumming machine), etc.
     Our company is located in Changzhou Xinbei Hi-tech Development Zone of Jiangsu Province, with compledted industrial categories and wide and convenient specialized cooperation around; the company is next to Shanghai - Nanjing Expressway, Beijing - Shanghai High - Speed Railway, and the elevated beltway of Changzhou City, which provide fast transport.
     The production facilities of our company mainly include full - automatic CNC plate cutter, CNC machine processing center, welding postitioner, Co2 gas shielede welder, various machine tools,etc. Inspection instruments and gauges mainly include:infrared defectoscope, scleromenter, metalloscope, etc. We have good - quality equipment, reasonable technology and complete testing methodes.
     The quality policy of our company is "hard word, advanced technology, assured quality, and customer satisfaction". We have established the operation mechanism adapted to market economy, and set up marketing concept better. Stronger senses of urgency and crisis of marketing have filled throughout the company. Therefore, the requirements of users can be implemented and satisfied in our enterprise.
     We not only provide high - quality products, but also strive to provide perfect after - sale service to win the trust and praise from all the users!
    Inverted driller







    ZFY series raise boring machine
    is a highly efficient drilling device reserached and designed to improve the back ward technologies of hanging cage and manual construction widely applied in winze construction.
    Raise boring machine is widely used in such sectors as coal mine, meallurgy, water conservancy and hydropower for construction of winze, ventilation shaft, cable pit, drain hole, waste stone leaking shaft. Different types of boring machines can be selected by the customer according to drilling diameter and depth.
    ZFY series raise boring machine adopts fully hydraulic drive. It is a novel model with compact structure and high mechanization. It is convenient to transport, easy to operate, thus able to work under explosion-proof required environment. With strong adaptability, the boring machine has the charcteristics of safe construction under different geologic conditions, high bore quality and low construction cost. Using raise boring machine is a revolution in shaft buiding process.
    Hydraulic cylinder Drill rod Tricone bit Stable drill rod Stable drill rod
    φ1.8m Broaching Bit φ1.2m Broaching Bit Hobbing cutter Hobbing cutter Wrench
    Centralizer Activities set Rail Trolley The six - party tube
    Motor Top Kava Mention rings Under kava  
    SMS Gumming Machine
    This unit is mainly used for the production of reinforced Sheet Molding Compound (SMS) of unsaturated polyester galss fiber. The SMS is formed by impregnating the glass fiber yarn covered by thin film on both sides into the polyester paste composed of resin, padding, pigment, release agent, etc., packed in the medthod of "rolling" or "folding" in "sandwich structure". We can also produce sheet stock with different requiremnents on strength by using galss mat, glass cloth, directional yarn, tec.
    Contact Us
    Changzhou Liding Colliery Machinery Co., Ltd.
    Overseas department: Mr Wang
    M.P.: +86 18663156329
    Email: 1505732140@qq.com
    Factory contact information
    Add: No. 120 Hanjiang West Road, Changzhou New North District, Jiangsu Provice, China.
    Zip Code: 213000
    Tel: 0086-519-83272864
    Fax: 0086-519-88272864
    Web: www.zyzbb.com
    E-mail: 961465345@qq.com
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